League Rules

Section 1 - General Information
Section 2 - Eligibility
Section 3 - Spares
Section 4 - Equipment
Section 5 – Game Rules
Section 6 - Field Set Up/Lock up
Section 7 - Batting
Section 8 - Base Running
Section 9 - Pitching
Section 10 - Scoring
Section 11 - The Year End Tournament

Section 1 - General Information

1.1 This is a recreational league; coaches and players are responsible for maintaining a friendly atmosphere.
1.2 Umpiring is contracted to the Kanata/Goulbourn Umpiring Association through Bob Easy at 838-5819. One umpire per game; umpires call is final.
1.3 There is no arguing with umpires. Disputes are to be addressed through coaches to the executive committee. Players and coaches caught arguing with umpires may be removed from the game or possible league.
1.4 Cigarettes / refreshments are not allowed on the playing area.
1.5 Team captains and/or umpires have the responsibility to remove intoxicated players. The league will not permit drinking alcohol by any player during a game and intoxicated players will not be eligible to play.

Section 2 - Eligibility

2.1 Any individual over 19 years old by May 1 during the ball season, without a condition that compromises the welfare of themselves, other players or the game is eligible to play. This includes, but is not limited to, anyone wearing a cast, appearing intoxicated or being pregnant
2.2 The league executives have the right to request a medical note when a player’s health is a concern.
2.3 All fees must be paid by registration closing.

Section 3 - Spares

Spares are permitted under the following guidelines.

3.1 There are no spares during playoffs
3.2 Spares must play in the league during the regular season and belong on a team
3.3 No maximum spares per game
3.4 Teams can spare up to full team of 11 players (If a regular team player arrives during the game prior to the 5thinning they will replace a spare in the batting order and on the field.)
3.5 Max 7 males including spares
3.6 Spares may not hit home runs – treated like normal person’s 2nd home run of the game.
3.7 Spares may play any position

Section 4 - Equipment

4.1 Four (4) Bat bags with an equal amount bats in each are provided by the league. Two (2) bags designated for Diamond 1 will be stored in the equipment shack. Two (2) bags designated for Diamond 2 will be stored at the Diamond 2 lockup. The home teams at each Diamond should retrieve (2) bags out of the shack/lockup to start the game and the home teams of the late games will be responsible to return those bags to the equipment shack/lockup.
4.2 Official ball will be the 12" optic yellow NSA ball
4.3 Cleats: metal or nylon spikes are not permitted. Rubber or plastic cleats may be worn.
4.4 Catcher gloves may only be worn at first base and catcher positions.
4.5 Game balls will be supplied by the league through the umpires. Ball stock is kept in the canteen. Acceptable balls should be returned to the canteen for use as second balls.
4.6 Team Ball Shirts with name tags are encouraged to help social aspect of the league.
4.7 Personal bats are permitted; but must comply with NSA acceptance rules

Note: Helmets are available in the equipment shack for anyone wishing to use them.

Section 5 - Game Rules

5.1 Regular game times are 7:00 and 8:30 Wednesday/Thursday nights and 6:30, 8:00 and 9:30 on Friday nights. Captains are responsible for verifying and marking game start time with opposing captain and umpire prior to start of game.
a) The Umpires must move the game along in a timely manner
b) The Players batting and fielding must be ready to play when directed by the Umpire
Every effort must be made to finish the game on time
5.2 A game will consist of seven innings unless superseded by the end time or weather conditions
a) The last inning is established 15 minutes before the scheduled finish time.
b) The Home team will be allowed their final at bat if they are losing or tied
5.3 Cancellation of games only occurs when:
a) The League Executive calls the game before 06:00pm because of extreme weather conditions
b) The umpire calls the game at the official start time because of extreme weather conditions.
5.4 A game in progress will be called for weather:
a) If called for weather 4 innings or more (three and one half if home team is winning) have been
played then it’s final and score counts
b) if less than 4 innings (three and one half if home team is losing) there is no result and the
game can be rescheduled
5.5 Games subject to reschedule must be reported to league executives and coordinated through League executive committee. If it is not possible to obtain an umpire a volunteer umpire(s) may be solicited, only if the contracted umpires are not available
5.6 The defensive team has eleven (11) players with 7 males maximum on the field. There are to be no more than six (6) infielders.
5.7 Teams can play with minimum 7 players (including spares); however they are subjected to an automatic out rule if they do not have enough female players to rotate a female batter into the order every 4th batter. See section 7.2
5.8 The outfielders cannot be closer than the outfielder advance line (Rover line) which is marked on the fence in the outfield when a female is at bat.
5.9 The infielders 1st, 2nd, short stop and 3rd position themselves within 3 ft of either side of the 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd baselines until the ball is pitched for female batters. Players may play back further for male batters, as far as outfielder advance line, but no closer than 3ft forward of baseline.
5.10 If a team does not have seven (7) players show up for a game (including spares), they will forfeit the game points, and play on for fun. If players arrive during the game it is still considered a fun game and the forfeit remains.
5.11 The home team is determined by the schedule and takes the field first. Exception to this is during the Saturday games of end of season tournament, home team is decided by final rankings after playoff round robin.
5.12 Tie games will be left as a tie, except games played on the Saturday of the final season tournament.

Section 6 - Field Set Up/Lock up

6.1 Diamonds will be lined and ready to play.
6.2 Bases should be installed prior to games; however, if needed they are stored in the equipment shack/locker.
6.3 Base location is marked with twine in the fields, and by baseline marks on side fences. Bases need to be installed firmly in buried tubes for player safety.
6.4 Home teams of the nights final games are responsible for clean up of the diamonds. Base caps need to be installed and buried a minimum of 3 inches below grade to avoid damage by grader. Bases, and bat bags are to be returned to storage area.
6.5 Washrooms and shack/locker must be locked with the lights turned off; lights on both diamonds are turned off by 11:00pm.

Section 7 - Batting

7.1 All players present at the game must be in the order and take a turn at bat.
7.2 No more than three male batters (3) shall bat consecutively. A female gender must bat at least every fourth player. If there is a shortage of females, an automatic out is inserted in place of each missing female.
7.3 The batting order may not be changed after the game starts. Late arrivals are to be added to the end of the batting order. Players who leave early are removed from the order.
7.4 The batter is out after three (3) strikes.
7.5 The batter walks to first base after four (4) balls. If a male batter is thrown (4) balls and no strikes he is awarded 2nd base. Runs will advance 2 bases.
7.6 There is no bunting.
7.7 There will be only one (1) home run per player per game; any balls hit out of the park by the same player will be considered a single; runners can advance one (1) base and can score.
7.8 There are no bases for a player hit by a pitch.
7.9 The Infield Fly Rule will be called at the umpire’s discretion.
7.10 All batters must hit the ball inside the 7’ batter’s box, which extends 1’ behind the batters plate and 3’ in front of the plate.

Note: Coaches are asked to change the batting order for each game so that players are not always
at the top or bottom.

Section 8 - Base Running

8.1 Players on the field are not allowed to interfere with a play; umpire to call runner safe.
8.2 No stealing bases.
8.3 Runners must use the orange half of the safety bag when advancing to first.
8.4 No leading off. A base runner who leads off (foot leaves bag) before the ball is hit, will be called out.
8.5 Base runners crossing the commitment line must advance to home.
8.6 The catcher /fielding player with the ball must touch home plate for the out. There is no tagging of runners after the commitment line.
8.7 Runners cannot touch the home plate. Runners must cross the home line and avoid all contact with the home plate.
8.8 A runner struck by a batted ball while off base, but in fair territory, is automatically out.
8.9 The base runner is in a forced play at home and cannot return to third base after crossing the commitment line.
8.10 Pinch runners must be the most recent batter out of the same gender, who is not on base, and may be only substituted at 1st base, unless an injury occurs during the play. The injured player must sit out the next inning of fielding. (no running from home plate)
8.11 Each team is only allowed 3 substitutions/courtesy runners during a game regardless of injuries.

Section 9 - Pitching

9.0 All pitches must be thrown with a minimum arc of six (6) feet and a maximum of twelve (12) feet. Any pitches not conforming to these criteria shall be called a ball (illegal pitch) unless the batter swings.
9.1 Pitchers must pitch from behind the pitchers plate and take only one step across the line when pitching.
9.2 Pitchers may stand to a maximum of 7 feet behind the pitchers plate.
9.3 Pitchers must pitch with one foot inside the pitching box which is 2’ x 7’ behind the pitchers plate.
9.4 Home plate is a 24” X 36” board positioned on top of the regular home plate; a pitch hitting any part of this board is called a strike.
9.5 There are no intentional walks. Intentional walks will be called at the umpire’s discretion and the batter (no one else on the field moves) will be awarded a run.

Section 10 - Scoring

10.1 A team may scores a maximum of five (5) runs in a single inning. The last declared inning is unlimited.
10.2 Points: two (2) for a win, one (1) for a tie and (0) for a loss.
10.3 The Winning Team is responsible to have the umpire sign their score sheet and the umpire will record the score in the equipment room. All captains must maintain records in the event of a discrepancy.

The Year End Tournament

To be held the weekend after Labour Day in Sept. Details to follow